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We want you to live an impactful life because God called you to seek His Kingdom first.

We research, select, and partner with local and international initiatives that stand for justice and show God’s love to widows, orphans, and the displaced.

Take God’s love to the world!


These are some ways in which we take God’s love to the world.


Love is Ministry

We partner with Danny Domingo in ministering to the refugee community in Dallas through soccer tournaments and other initiatives.
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Foster Kids Charity

We partner with Michelle Armour in ministering to Fostering families through our annual Christmas Party and other initiatives.
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Livada Orphan Care

We partner with Livada Orphan Care in ministering to the orphan community in Romania through a variety of initiatives.
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We support missionaries in five continents in a variety of ministries.
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Contact us if you want to partner with us in these initiatives:

Sara Morales Sara Morales

Sara Morales

I have a passion for orphans and also for soccer, and I can use both passions at Ethnos!  Here we serve God by loving orphans and the displaced in a diversity of initiatives.  After serving in a Children’s home in Thailand for several years, I am glad that I found a multicultural church in Richardson that cares for children in need.

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