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We want you to acquire the tools that you need to serve God with devotion.

Our training is designed to facilitate understanding that leads to maturity in key areas and in a diversity of formats. All of these areas are essential pieces of our holistic approach to spiritual maturity.

Nurture your love for God!

Training Program Overview

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  • SPIRITUAL LIFE: Embrace your identity in Christ.
  • FAMILY LIFE: Build a godly home.
  • CHILDREN: Guide the little ones for a life-long relationship with Christ.
  • BIBLE AND THEOLOGY: Develop biblical convictions based on understanding.
  • LIFE COMMUNITIES: Learn and grow in a relational setting.
  • LEADERSHIP: Learn the skills for godly influence and teamwork.
  • SDG TRAINING: Acquire the tools to mentor people in their spiritual journey.

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Pat Perez Pat Perez

Pat Perez

Ethnos is one of the churches in north Dallas that has solid biblical teaching. I learned a lot in the Strategic Leadership Training, and was able to bring some of that training to my work. Finding a good leadership program for businesses is challenging but the SLT training that I got at Ethnos was exactly what I needed. I am so glad to be part of this multicultural church!

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