Get Deeper!

We want you to have a clear picture of your identity in Christ, because it is the catalyst for your spiritual growth.

Our personalized system is designed to help you understand what it means to be saved. Like a puzzle that is put together one piece at a time, each lesson will help you get the big picture about your salvation. You can choose to be mentored one-on-one or simply access the content online.

Learn to love God!


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  • SESSION 1: The five layers of my spiritual illness.
  • SESSION 2: God wants to produce His character in me.
  • SESSION 3: God gave me the Bible to help me know His will.
  • SESSION 4: God wants me to share my life with Him through prayer.
  • SESSION 5: God made me part of God’s People.
  • SESSION 6: God wants me to serve Him with my life.
  • SESSION 7: God entrusted the Church with five tasks to accomplish.
  • SESSION 8: Baptism: I must be baptized as a disciple of Jesus.
  • SESSION 9: Communion: I must remember Jesus’ sacrifice by celebrating communion.
  • SESSION 10: The consummation of my salvation.

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Sheldon & Christina Sheldon & Christina

Sheldon & Christina

When we moved from California, we felt the need to look for a church for our family. The Discipleship program at Ethnos gave us understanding, and now our relationship with God is based on convictions rather than traditions.  What a difference! We are glad that we found a multicultural church in Richardson that embraced us and encouraged us to grow.

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