Get Plugged In!

We want you to be relevant, because God gifted you to play an important part in the Body of Christ.

Our personalized process is designed to help you find your role at Ethnos in a way that matches your abilities and provides accountability.

Let’s love God together!



Teamwork. Accountability. Impact.

  • What does it mean to be a Ministry Partner?
  • What can a Ministry Partner do?
  • How long does the Ministry Partnership last?
  • What are the steps to become a Ministry Partner?

Ministry Overview

Get the big picture of our ministry.

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Ministry Partnership Application

Become our Ministry Partner.

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Contact us if you want to dialogue about these topics in person:

Janet Mahler Janet Mahler

Janet Mahler

Before I came to Ethnos, I was often lost in the crowd in some of the churches I attended.  It was refreshing to become a ministry partner of a church that provides personalized care and that seeks to be biblical, loving, and relevant. Maybe you are also looking for a place to get plugged in.  At Ethnos, you will find a community where  you will learn to love God and serve Him with devotion.

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