Sunday Schedule


  • Worship Service

    (10:00-11:45 AM)

  • Fellowship

    (11:45-12:30 PM)

  • Kids Zone & Youth

    (10:30-11:45 AM)

  • Nursery

    (10:30-11:45 PM)

What To Expect

be encouraged, inspired, and embraced.

At Ethnos Bible Church, you will find a community of imperfect people from all ages, all cultures, and backgrounds coming together to serve a loving God.  Join us as we worship in person or in zoom from anywhere in the globe. We would love to see you!

Find Us Here

1320 Holly Drive
Richardson, TX 75080


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  • ATTIRE: What is the expected attire?
  • NURSERY: What is your nursery like?
  • KIDS: What program do you have for children?
  • YOUTH: What program do you have for youth?
  • PARKING: Where should I park?

Looking For A Church?

Finding a Home Church takes time. So many options! Where to begin?

Pastors recommend to ask four questions to find a good fit. If the answer is yes to all four, probably you have found a new home church!



Do you share the same convictions?

Doctrine and Values



Do you trust their leadership?

Meet our leaders



Do you agree with the ministry vision?

Our ministry vision



Is there a place to serve with your gifts?

Serving Opportunities
Membership Process

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Debbie Cedillo Debbie Cedillo

Debbie Cedillo

I have visited several churches in north Dallas throughout the years. At Ethnos I found a multicultural church that teaches the Bible clearly. Here people care for others and serve our community in relevant ways, caring for orphans and the displaced. I thought I would be judged, but instead I was embraced and encouraged to grow.  I’m so blessed to be part of this Christian community!

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