Welcome to Our Pastoral Internship Program!

We want to help people pursuing vocational ministry understand the dynamics of effective church ministry.

Our Pastoral Internship Program is designed to develop effective church leaders in a caring environment. We provide relevant ministry experiences under the mentorship of our Board of Elders. Interns may obtain a certificate of ordination after successfully completing the two-year internship.

Dr. Joshua Carroll

Want to see what God has in store for you? Come see us and ask about our Internship opportunities!

  • Relevant Ministry Experience
  • Timely feedback from multiple sources
  • Learn the dynamics of ministry in a variety of settings
  • Specialized sessions on leadership
  • Grow as a shepherd, teacher, and overseer
  • Objective evaluation under the supervision of the Board of Elders
  • Two kinds of certification: Ministry Certification and Pastoral Ministry Certification

Two kinds of certification

  • Ministry Certification

  • Pastoral Ministry Certification

Program Details

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Internship Application

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Contact us for additional information. internship@ethnoschurch.org