Welcome to our Oneness Program!

We want you to experience a healthy marriage. Our oneness program is designed to help you understand God’s design for marriage, so that you can move from singleness to oneness; from surviving to thriving.


  • SESSION 1: Introduction: Recognition of Detrimental Behaviors
  • SESSION 2: Marriage Models: Embracing the Call to Oneness
  • SESSION 3: Spiritual Oneness Part 1: Embracing The Spiritual Structure for Oneness
  • SESSION 4: Spiritual Oneness Part 2: Embracing The Spiritual Compass for Oneness
  • SESSION 5: Emotional Oneness Part 1: Embracing the Interaction for Emotional Oneness
  • SESSION 6: Emotional Oneness Part 2: Cultivating the Friendship for Emotional Oneness
  • SESSION 7: Emotional Oneness Part 3: Understanding the Financial Factor for Emotional Oneness
  • SESSION 8: Physical Oneness Part 1: Embracing the Call for Physical Oneness
  • SESSION 9: Physical Oneness Part 2: Building and Adultery-Proof Marriage
  • SESSION 10: Legal Oneness: Building a Divorce-Proof Marriage
  • 10 sessions with homework exercises.
  • Attend our monthly couple dinners.
  • Get premarital training.
  • Get marriage counseling.