Welcome to The Path!

We want your teen to love God and serve Him with devotion. Our youth training (7th-12th Grade) is designed to nurture your child’s heart and mind by providing one-on-one discipleship mentorship, weekly Bible training, monthly social outings, summer retreats, and opportunities for relevant service.

Mike Cedillo

Youth Ministry Coordinator

We look forward to equipping your teenager for a lifelong relationship with Christ!

  • For grades 7-12.
  • Personalized shepherding.
  • The Path meets on Sunday mornings during the Worship service.

Program Overview

Discipleship Mentorship

Our discipleship program seeks to help our youth understand key elements about their salvation. The youth meets with the mentor at a time and place that is adequate for the family, seeking to provide a context that is safe and confidential. The entire program consists of ten lessons and meets for about 15 sessions.

The Path

The Path is a carefully-designed training that seeks to help our youth understand key areas of biblical truth in order to prepare them with a strong spiritual foundation to face the challenges of higher education and adulthood. It is done in a group setting on Sunday mornings. This chart summarizes the entire program. Click here to see Chart.

Social Outings

Once a month we get together with all of our youth for a diversity of fun activities that seek to foster godly relationships and community. It could be a pizza-movie night, a trip to the museum, or other outings that our youth enjoy.

Summer Retreats

Each summer, we take our youth to different spiritual retreats that seek to nurture a love for God and for His service. These events include summer camps with ministries like New Tribes Mission, Answers in Genesis, and international mission trips.

Relevant Service

In order to encourage our youth to serve God with devotion, we create opportunities for service within our church ministry. From serving as helpers in the Kids Zone ministry to helping in the soccer league for the refugee community, we believe that God has a place for each one of our youth to contribute with their God-given gifts as we build our ministry together.

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Contact us for more information. youth@ethnoschurch.org

Isaiah Harris Isaiah Harris

Isaiah Harris

I enjoy studying the Bible at the Path. I learned a lot about creation, science and evolution and was even able to share about it at my high school. I also enjoyed going to Wayumi camp to learn about missionary work with unreached tribes. Pastor Felix discipled me and helped me answer many questions I had about salvation and the Bible. I am so glad I am part of this community!

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