Why Thrive?

Because God wants you to groW

From Here

  1. I’m afraid of, resent, or deny God
  2. I’m not sure what to believe
  3. I don’t understand salvation
  4. I’m ignorant about spiritual things
  5. I’m too busy to be relevant
  6. I live to get more

To Here

  1. I love and honor God
  2. I understand the Scriptures
  3. I explain salvation to people
  4. I teach people about God
  5. I serve with devotion
  6. I give with generosity


This is how you join the team

At Ethnos, we think of membership as a partnership. That’s why we call our members “Ministry Partners.”

  • What does it mean to be a Ministry Partner?
  • What can a Ministry Partner do?
  • How long does the Ministry Partnership last?
  • What are the steps to become a Ministry Partner?


This is How We Manage Our Finances


We believe that joyful giving is a reflection of spiritual maturity because it reflects God’s character and commands. Therefore, we sacrificially invest our time, skills, money and facilities to advance God’s kingdom. We teach biblical principles on giving, and channel God’s resources to pursue His interests in the world and meet relevant needs.

Financial Accountability:
We believe that financial integrity is achieved when the Financial Ministry is managed by a team of trustworthy people
through a solid system of checks and balances. Therefore, we entrust the financial administration to a tested team who develops and manages the ministry budget through a digital financial system under the supervision of the Elder Board.


General Fund:
This category is funded by the tithes and general offerings. It is used to finance the use of facilities, ministries, and staff salary.

Faith Promises:
This category is funded by special assigned giving for missions. It is used to finance the monthly missionary support.

Special Projects:
This category is funded by special assigned giving. It is used to finance a diversity of needs like facilities upgrades, special equipment, and special events.


Non Profit:
We are a 501 (c) (3) Organization registered in the state of Texas.

Donations are managed according to the legal parameters for 501 (c) (3) religious charitable organizations.

Our financial team uses a secure digital system for financial management and serves under the supervision of the Elder Board.

Our Elder Board monitors the finances through systematic reports. Our pastoral staff has no access to the financial system. Accounts are only accessible by authorized signatures.


Five Continents:
We invest monthly resources to partner with 13 missionary families on five continents.

Missionary Initiatives:
We invest annual resources to partner with missionary projects that are aligned with our mission and vision.

Special Giving:
All of our missionary support is funded through the special giving of faithful donors.


Missions Map  Online Giving


Our Campus

The Ethnos campus has a capacity for 250 people. In addition to our three buildings we have a multi-purpose field and a playground.


Who can use our facilities?

The members of Ethnos Bible Church have the privilege of using our facilities in accordance with our ministry purposes.

Your non-profit organization may use our facilities as long as the following criterion is met:
(a) Alignment with our ministry purpose.
(b) Request is initiated and sponsored by a current church member.
(c) Insurance liability coverage is provided by the non-profit.
(d) Request is reviewed and approved by Elder Board.

Facilities Request Application.

Download Application

Who can host weddings?


  • Hosting a wedding in our facilities is a privilege for our church members only.
  • The sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall can seat 200 people.
  • Pre-marital counseling is required for members interested in marriage. Plan to meet for 15 weekly sessions (about 4 months) prior to wedding date.

To request use of facilities contact us at facilities@ethnoschurch.org

Charlie & Josie Moffitt Charlie & Josie Moffitt

Charlie & Josie Moffitt

We love the worship at Ethnos!  Our pastors help us marvel at God’s love through songs with powerful lyrics and beautiful harmonies. We like the balance of being worshipful without feeling like a show. After visiting other churches in Richardson, I am glad that I found a multicultural church that celebrates the diversity and the unity of the Body of Christ. I am blessed to be part of this community!

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