We want you to lead well in the realm of influence that God entrusted to you. Our SLT-C program is a comprehensive system that seeks to equip you in leadership dynamics in the context of church ministry. It is designed to help you build a ministry that is driven by a vision rather than random programs, to work well in teams, and to learn the cultural dynamics that facilitate effective ministry.


Lead Pastor

Serve God well! Let us help you grow as a leader!

  • For church leaders (Ministry leaders or Leading Pastors)
  • Learn how to develop a visionary ministry
  • Learn principles for team formation and team dynamics
  • Learn principles for conflict resolution
  • Learn cultural dynamics
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Ten sessions (90 minutes each)
  • Schedule is customized to fit the needs of host church.

This chart contains a description of the entire program.

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Leo Pérez Leo Pérez

Leo Pérez

Our church in Mexico needed leadership training. The SLT-C program helped us transition from doing ministry based on random programs to start pursuing a ministry based on a clear mission and vision. There is a big difference between the two! Every church should have access to this training!