Our Mission

This Is What We LIVE FOR

As one body we live to Guide people into salvation, Lead them to maturity, and Appoint them as Servants Devoted to God. [SDGs]

What is an SDG?

This is who we aim to be

An SDG is a Servant Devoted to God. We are not perfect. We are people from different ages who love Jesus. We are growing deeper in our relationship with God and being transformed by the Holy Spirit. This transformation is made evident by the fruit of spiritual maturity in our lives. There are six key traits of an SDG:

  1. Loves and Honors God
  2. Understands the Scriptures
  3. Explains the Gospel
  4. Teaches people about God
  5. Gives with generosity
  6. Serves with devotion

Our Vision


We nurture SDGs in as many languages as God leads,
cultivating a church that is multilingual, transcultural, and multigenerational.


This is what we mean:


    We nurture people in as many languages as God leads through our THRIVE programs.


    We celebrate the cultural diversity and spiritual unity of the Body of Christ.


    We nurture people of all ages in a way relevant to their language and culture.

Our Name

What does Ethnos mean?


Ethnos is a Greek word used in the Bible to describe the church as one community made out of many nations.

1 Peter 2:9 tells us that we are God’s holy ethnos, called to love God and serve Him with devotion in order to make Him known among the nations. That’s why we love the name Ethnos! Embrace diversity; Love God; Serve with devotion!

Our name says it all!

Our Values

This is what matters to us

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  • GRACE: Everybody has a second chance (and a third, and a fourth…).
  • FAMILY: Whether single or married, home is our first ministry.
  • DIVERSITY: We celebrate all cultures and the unity of the Body.
  • MISSIONS: We share God’s love beyond our borders.
  • STEWARDSHIP: We invest generously.
  • PRAYER: We depend on God for everything.
  • LEADERSHIP: We grow godly influencers.
  • TEAMWORK: We shape the ministry together.
  • INNOVATION: We evaluate and implement new ideas to improve our ministry.
  • EXCELLENCE: We honor God with our best.

Our Doctrine

This Is What We Believe, Teach and Proclaim

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  • THE BIBLE: It is the Inspired and Inerrant Word of God.
  • GOD: He is Triune and His unchanging character is Holy, Just, and Love.
  • JESUS: He is the Second Person of the Trinity and the only Savior of the world.
  • THE SECOND COMING: Jesus will return to establish His Kingdom at an unknown future time.
  • THE HOLY SPIRIT: He is the Third Person of the Trinity who indwells the believer upon conversion.
  • ANGELS: God created angelic beings to serve Him. Some of them rebelled against God.
  • SATAN: He is the master deceiver who uses his tactics to turn people away from God.
  • HUMANS: We were created in God’s image but became sinners, so we need a Savior.
  • MARRIAGE: A sacred institution created by God to be a life covenant between a man and a woman.
  • SALVATION: We are saved by faith in Jesus based on His grace and not based on our works.
  • GODLINESS: Loving God and desiring to honor Him is the supernatural fruit of true salvation.
  • RESURRECTION: God’s people will be resurrected for life, while the unsaved will be judged.
  • PRIESTHOOD OF ALL BELIEVERS: A saved person has direct access to God and represents Him in the world.
  • THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST: He is the head of the church and His people honor Him.
  • THE LOCAL CHURCH: All believers must be organized in communities to serve God in unity.
  • THE ORDINANCES: The church practices two symbols: Baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper.
  • THE AUTONOMY OF THE LOCAL CHURCH: The local church is an independent and self-governing body of believers.
  • SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: They are two separate entities with different responsibilities.

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Alex Alex


I grew up attending Kids Zone. I also grew up making LEGO® creations. I learned so much about God’s love and the Bible! We want other kids to also learn about it in a fun way, that’s why I came up with the game ARMOR QUEST. Build the Armor of God as you answer Bible questions. I hope you enjoy it!

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